The beta-3 testnet

The beta-3 network is the third Fuel testnet. It expands on the features of beta-2, introducing P2P networking and the ability to run synchronizing full nodes.

Ethereum contracts (Goerli):

"FuelMessagePortal": 0xE6B0E27F85abaCfC5149642c30F4BE9a878Aa4e9

"FuelChainConsensus": 0x4b4b74b2E5CD9775793779619C3547b7863EbEca

"FuelERC20Gateway": 0x8083634a1A5092D3234657092e5CF74655191B8D

The ERC-20 Gateway contract on Georli Ethereum is at 0x8083634a1A5092D3234657092e5CF74655191B8D.

Goerli block explorer:

🚰 Faucet - Use the faucet to get test ETH to deploy contracts with or to interact with contracts. Available here:

📃 GraphQL endpoint - The Fuel Core node uses GraphQL instead of JSON RPC. A playground for the public GraphQL endpoint for beta-3 is available at

🔍 Block explorer - A block explorer (still heavily in development) is available at Be sure to select beta-3 from the dropdown on the top right.

Join the Fuel Labs Forum to get support from our team and others building on Fuel!

SDK Versioning

Version 0.38.0 up to 0.50.0 is the recommended version of the TS SDK on beta-3.

Version 0.39.0 up to 0.44.0 is the recommended version for the Rust SDK on beta-3.

Toolchain Configuration

To configure the optimal toolchain for beta-3, ensure you have fuelup installed, then run the following command:

fuelup self update

Then install the beta-3 toolchain with

fuelup toolchain install beta-3

This installs the following components and versions:

  • forc 0.37.3
  • forc-explore 0.28.1
  • forc-index 0.15.0
  • forc-wallet 0.2.2
  • fuel-core 0.17.11
  • fuel-indexer 0.15.0

To set the beta-3 toolchain as your default, run

$ fuelup default beta-3
default toolchain set to 'beta-3-aarch64-apple-darwin'


Messages intended for contracts use a pre-defined predicate as the message recipient. This predicate allows anyone to relay the message to the target contract and only the target contract. Once the contract receives the message it can see who originated it along with any special message payload and processes it accordingly. Since anyone can relay the message using this predicate it opens up possibilities for automated message processing as a service.

The predicate root for the beta-3 testnet is 0x4df15e4a7c602404e353b7766db23a0d067960c201eb2d7a695a166548c4d80a.